How It Works

What is the Georgia Ag Experience?

The Georgia Ag Experience is a unique STEM based educational program that invites students across Georgia to explore the vast opportunities in agriculture.

The full program involves: 

  • 1 educational lesson prior to the experience (required)
  • 1 hour in-person mobile classroom experience with self-guided study 
  • 1 educational lesson after the experience (required) 
  • 1 post visit investigative research Optional class participation in a real-world Ag. Challenge

All curriculum was developed by professors in The University of Georgia in the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. The lesson plans meet Georgia educational standards and incorporate STEM teaching practices. They will be updated periodically to keep pace with Georgia educational requirements and agricultural advancements. We aim to provide the same educational experience for every student. Our goal is to increase their knowledge of and attitude toward Georgia agriculture. To learn more about the program, click to download our school promotional flyers: Flyer 1 & Flyer 2.


Pre Visit Lesson

Prior to the visit, students learn the basics of Georgia agriculture so that they are prepared for the mobile classroom visit and ready to maximize their learning experience. We provide a simple STEM lesson plan and require schools to utilize the plans so that all students have the same understanding.


During Visit Experience

At the beginning of the 1 hour block, the class will be split into 2 groups depending on the number of students and participate in the following 20 minute sessions:

  • Mobile Classroom: 8 Stations + Scavenger Hunt
  • Student-Led Outdoor Activity with Volunteer
  • Teacher-Led Ag-tivity with district Educational Program Assistant

The Georgia Ag Experience trailer content and curriculum has been carefully developed by a set of industry professionals. The stations include: careers in ag, peanuts, cotton, poultry, forestry, horticulture, beef & dairy, fruit, vegetables and pecans.


Post Lesson

After the mobile classroom has left the school, we encourage schools to continue the exploration of Georgia agriculture through a post-visit lesson (required) and also the opportunity to participate in a real world Ag. challenge. We encourage teachers and students to be creative as they deepen their understanding of Georgia agriculture through a STEM lens. 



An example of a daily schedule is as follows: 

Classes/blocks cannot exceed 30 students.  
Each session will last 1 hour max with a 10-minute break between sessions.
A 30-minute lunch break will need to be scheduled as well.
Each day will need its own schedule. Please create 1 page per visit day.
The earliest start time each day is 8:30 AM

* Reminder: If class size is greater than 15, the class will be divided into 2 groups to allow for social distancing. The 1st group will start inside the classroom, the 2nd group will be outside participating in an “ag-tivity” led by one of our volunteers.