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Sponsored by Georgia Association of Conservation Districts


What is the GAE Stem Challenge?

This STEM Challenge is a special project brought to you by the Georgia Ag Experience, the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture and Georgia Farm Bureau's Ag-in-the-Classroom. The challenge was developed to help expose elementary teachers and students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) involved in agricultural production of food and fiber. We aim to help students recognize their role in agriculture by exposing them to real-world problems that they can help solve. 

How is the challenge structured? A bi-annual competition focusing on a real-world ag problem. Elementary classrooms (grades 3 - 5) across Georgia put their skills to the test as they compete to win. Each school receives a digital kit of resources and a tailored educational program for their students. The top 3 classrooms with the best solution can win a prize and be recognized for their effort!



Georgia Association of Conservation Districts

The Georgia Association of Conservation Districts (GACD) is a grassroots non-profit organization representing 40 conservation districts in Georgia. All 159 counties in Georgia are part of a local Conservation District. For over 75 years, the organization's members have volunteered in each district to promote conservation, educate citizens about the importance of conservation, and inform policy makers about natural resource issues. GACD's mission is to advocate for the conservation of Georgia's natural resources by providing organization, leadership and a unified strategic direction to the Conservation Districts of the State. Learn more by visiting the website: 


GACD's Spring '21 Challenge Announcement


Current Challenge Question:

How can we improve soil biodiversity and overall soil health?


Problem Statement:

Soil is made up of living and nonliving matter and is full of nutrients. Plants take up these nutrients from the soil through their roots and use them to grow. Farmers must be careful with how they use and maintain soil, otherwise their plants will remove nutrients from the soil and then those nutrients are not replaced. Soil health is vital to the health of the plants and other organisms that make our life possible.


Spring '21 Challenge Dates:

March 1 - May 14

*You may register at any time*

Winner announced LIVE on May 21st


Prize for Top 3 Winners:

*Top Winner in Each Grade*

$250 classroom supply grant + your choice of physical prize

($350 Total Value)


Register for the Current Challenge

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To support ag education for Georgia students, like this STEM challenge, please consider making a donation to the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture.